Thursday, June 7, 2007


Perhaps you've heard them on the street -- proclaiming that if you don't repent, you're going to go to hell. Or maybe they said the "end is near, accept Jesus today!" Maybe they've even tried to hand you a pamphlet that reads "Jesus loves you" and it lists some scripture and possibly a doomsday warning. Maybe you were on a college campus and they were in the quad on a box, yelling at a crowd of people about how immoral they are and what they are doing to their lives. Maybe you said something back at them. Maybe you took the piece of paper they gave you just so you didn't have to hear them anymore, and then threw it out in the nearest garbage can (or you took it home and recycled it). Whatever you did or didn't do, how do you proclaim your faith to people that don't know you? How do you share God's love with those you don't know? How do you use your Bullhorn?