Thursday, March 15, 2007

I have a CONFESSION...

I have a CONFESSION to make - I AM A CHOCOHOLIC!! Phew! I feel so much better now to get that off my chest! Not a day goes by that I don't have some kind of chocolate. I'm not talking that white chocolate either. Oh no, it's got to be milk chocolate or dark chocolate. White just doesn't cut it. I usually have a chocolate pop-tart for breakfast - chocolate fudge or S'mores or chocolate chip. I just picked up a new flavor yesterday - Hot Chocolate! Can you imagine? A Hot Chocolate flavored pop-tart??? What will they think of next!

Seriously though, it's not always easy to CONFESS about something you're addicted to, or something you've done. It's especially not easy to CONFESS in public, or to a stranger. It's even harder to CONFESS to a friend. But that's what we must do when we do something wrong, CONFESS to GOD. He will forgive us. He forgave us when Christ died for us on the cross. Remember that NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO, God will forgive you. You only need CONFESS to Him and ask Him to forgive you. He loves you, NO MATTER WHAT.