Sunday, September 30, 2007

Changes and Chances

Have you ever worked those puzzles where you were given a word and then you had to make as many other words as you could? For example - CHANGE. If I were to break CHANGE down, I come up with the following words:

Can you find any words I missed? Now, what if I CHANGE 1 letter in CHANGE and make it CHANCE? The meaning of the word has literally CHANGED. Funny isn't it, how sometimes just CHANGing 1 thing, can actually CHANGE everything.

Think about your spiritual journey. How has it CHANGED since you accepted Christ? Have you taken CHANCES or made CHANGES? Maybe you've done neither, or maybe you've done both? Maybe you aren't really sure what you've done... For me, I have taken CHANCES and made CHANGES. Most recently, I took a CHANCE becoming a Sunday School Teacher with my husband, Don. We've been teaching now for 5 years. This experience has and continues to CHANGE my life. (Try spending 36 hours locked in a church with 13 5th and 6th graders stuck in rocking chairs. They have been some of the best 36 hours I've ever experienced!) I took a CHANCE when I started writing these weekly muses of mine. I never knew what a CHANGE they would make in my spiritual journey. Making CHANGES and taking CHANCES doesn't have to be all at once. Try doing it one letter at a time...